This page displays pictures of the Paramount ME II mount for sale and immediate delivery.  Page down to see all pictures.  Everything is in "Like New" condition.  The mount is only a few years old and it looks and functions perfectly.  The mount is shown below supporting a Planewave CDK20 telescope.  It is shipped in it's original shipping container.  The mount comes with 200 lbs. of stainless steel counterweights (5 x 40 lbs.) and the Large Dovetail Mount accessory which can be optionally used for larger telescopes.  Price is firm.

Note: A new Paramount ME II comes with only 90 lbs of counterweights.  If you own a telescope larger than 12" you will need to buy additional counterweights from Bisque at a cost of $350 each.

Item Price
Paramount ME II Mount $12,000
Five 40 lb. Counterweights, 1.875" shaft Included : Five 40 lb. weights (200 lbs. total)
Paramount ME II Precision Bubble Level Included
Bisque Large Dovetail Mount Accessory Included